Across International Welch 39 CFM CRVPro 48 Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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The new CRVpro family of direct drive vacuum pumps offers increased reliability and longer service interval vs. other direct drive rotary vane vacuum pumps. The CRVpro family consumes up to 36% less oil than comparable pumps


  • Runs 10C cooler than comparable pumps. Slows corrosion.
  • Has a 40% larger oil capacity than comparable pumps. Dilutes aggressive chemicals.
  • Has a chemical resistant coating in the oil case and pump module. Protects non-moving parts.

The CRVpro family includes all the features you'd expect in a direct drive rotary vane pump: gas ballast, forced oil lubrication, anti-suckback mechanism and thermal overload protection.

CRVpro 48&65 vacuum pumps can be used for freeze drying, vacuum ovens, HVAC/refrigeration service, coaters, backing diffusion pumps, wiped film, metallurgy/vacuum furnaces, lamp manufacture, space simulation, degassing, vessel/chamber evacuation. CRVpro vacuum pumps prepared with perfluoropolyether(PFPE) for oxygen service are available. Pumps with explosion proof motors are available, (click the "back to product list" link at top of page). Contact your local Welch sales representative for details on PFPE prepared pumps and for selecting correct vacuum pump for your application.

3657T-01 operates at 230-240V/380-420V (+/- 5%), at 50 Hz or 240-265V/415-460V (+/-5%) at 60Hz. Always use a certified electrician for proper installation of three phase motors. Conduit wiring required, no switch included. Includes two NW40 Hinge clamps, two NW40 centering rings, and 5 L of Welch premium oil.

Direct drive pumps are NOT recommended for filtration, aspiration, drying electrophoresis gels, or other applications requiring sustained operation above 30 torr.

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 Welch 39 CFM CRVPro 48 Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
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 Premium Vacuum Pump Oil  5 pc

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