The world of BHO extraction has changed in recent years and the credit goes to new inventions being made in this industry. As a renowned supplier of the widest selection of machines, equipment, and supplies, we, at Power Lab Supply, keep a close vigil on the innovations happening in this field. Our only endeavor is to cater to the ever-growing demands received from both professional and casual users.

Our website happens to be the one stop destination to help you find everything needed for your material processing needs. Whether you are in search for the latest rosin presses for solventless extraction or prefer pressurized extraction with CO2 or require more sophisticated processes, we have the most advanced equipment for hassle-free operations.

We carry the widest range of equipment and machinery that includes, but not limited to:

Butter Maker
Butter Makers
Vacuum Chamber
Butter Making Machine
Magical Butter Machine
Easy Butter Maker
High Tech Presses
Botanical Extractor
Hydrocarbon Extractor
Easy Butter
Source Turbo
Oil Infuser
Butter Infuser
Rosin Press

We have stocked hundreds of other items sourced from the industry’s most prominent manufacturers whose products set a benchmark for quality and efficiency. We carry all the leading brands that you have ever heard or known about. The best thing is that all equipment and machines – small or large, light, or heavy-duty – are available online for all our customers. Shop from our online store to experience the best of everything: quality, price, and customer-service – with the convenience of doorstep delivery.

Power Lab Supply is committed to quality both in terms of our range of products and customer service. While we always source the best products from renowned manufacturers to ascertain quality in products, we dedicate a single point of contact to every customer to ensure consistency of communication and client satisfaction. Our service professionals remain always available to help and guide buyers with their every purchase. We strive hard to provide support to fit operations of any scale.


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