Across International VIV Edwards KF25 Isolation Valve for nXDS Vacuum Pumps

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Intended for use with nXDS, XDS, nXLi and nXRi dry primary pumps, the VIV vacuum isolation valve is a high conductance, fast acting high vacuum isolation valve that is designed to prevent the movement of vapour or particulates from the backing pump to the process chamber. When the VIV is closed, the backing pump is safely vented.

The VIV protects the process chamber from being vented when the pump stops or is stopped. When the backing pump is restarted, the valve will slowly open when the pressure within the VIV has dropped, minimising the effects of any pressure burst.
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Features and Benefits

·  VIV valves have high conductance Does not restrict primary pump performance
·  Fast closing action  Prevents migration of vapour or particulates from the backing pump to the process chamber
·  Power failure protection  Prevents process chamber venting in the event of a power supply failure
·  Flexible installation options  For Edwards backing pumps fitted with the M8 valve connector or the 15 way D Type logic interface connector, Edwards recommends the use of 24V dc valves and optional accessory cable or VIV

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