BVV Variety Pack -Large - 24ct - Rosin Filter Bags

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Rosin Filter Bag Variety Pack


Improve your yields with our Rosin Bags!
- With no bag, product flattens and spreads out as it's squeezed
- Our bags will keep your product packed tightly together and provide higher PSI
- Our Rosin Filter Bags are made from woven, sewn Nylon: our weave pattern offers superior strength to help prevent blowouts.
- Easy use: Simply pick up and toss bag when done. No need to manually separate material and product.
- Safe: We use sewn bags, not glued. No messy glue residue to worry about!


This is a variety sample pack of our Rosin Filter Bags. Each pack contains a total count of 24 mesh bags, in 8 different sizes:
- (3) 25μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 45μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 73μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 90μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 120μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 160μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 190μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""
- (3) 220μm mesh bags, 5"" x 7.5""


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