DK-LOK V61 Series Vent Relief Valve

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Title: 1/4" FJIC ADAPTER
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  • Precise cracking pressure with high reliability
  • Keep the sealing to 95-98% of Set Pressure at least
  • Reliable Reseal performance
  • Tamper proof design
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • NBR Seal Material
  • 1/4" MNPT Connection or 1/4" JIC Swivel Connection
  • Pressure Range - 0.03 to 1.03 bar (0.5 to 15 PSI) 
  • Temperature Range: -195 to 204C (-45 to 400F)


Design and Application:

V61 Series Vent relief valves is designed to vent out the excess pressure from the line automatically to keep the required line pressure safely when the line pressure is exceeded over the limitation unusually. These valves can be used in the case that the working fluid is not harmful when vented out. The level of cracking pressure should be set by adjusting the force of the spring in the valve before this valve is installed in the system. 

Installation and Operation:

This valve should be positioned perpendicularly to the direction of fluid flow in the line and that position should be considered and the vented fluid should be not directed to the personnel operating and the parts that has any influences on that. The line system should be run to check the performance of the valve after the personnel operating move to the safety zone. Because this valve is opened automatically when the excess of the required Line pressure.

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