BVV Ultra Clear FDA-GRAS Granular High Performance Bentonite for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils *Compares to CRX™

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30/60 Mesh, Compares to CRX™ Media

Made in USA, Food Grade Certified

Ultra-Clear® effectively removes color bodies, surfactants, water, free fatty acids, organic oxides, and other polar contaminants from a wide range of oils, liquids, and waxes.  This High-Flow media is amazing for color remediation and has a 30/60 mesh granule size to get color remediation done quickly with low pressure drops.  This media you will be sure to love.  At BVV™ we recommend 100g per lb. of biomass.  We also use this media with layering techniques & can be used with  and BVV™ for a sugar in the oven finish!  Save big on buying the 50lb Bag(s).






Note:  Super sack and Bulk sizes are non-stocked items and will be ordered as needed and carry a several weeks lead time and require a forklift or pallet jack

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