Across International Type K Thermocouple (11" L) with Ceramic Sheath (Item# TCK)

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Type K thermocouple for application of up to 1200C. Fits all our 1100C muffle furnaces (except CF1100 5x4x4").



 Length  280 mm
 Diameter of sheath
 8 mm
 Highest temperature  1200°C
 Lowest temperature  50°C
 Ceramic end holder
 Four screws for connection
 Positive material
 Approx. 90% Nickel and 10% Chromium
 Negative material  Approx. 95% Nickel, 2% Aluminum, 2% Manganese and  1% Silicon
 Minimum standard error
 +/- 1.4 °C
 Compatible furnaces  1100°C max muffle furnaces (except CF1100 5x4x4")
Shealth material   Aluminum Ceramic

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