BVV Tri-Clamp Sight Glass - Long

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Sight Glass Size: 1.5-inch
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Tri-Clamp Sight Glass - Long

These tall sight glasses are a great additions closed-loop extraction system to view the liquefied solvent flowing through your system and see the color before the purging process is completed. The short sight glass also allows the user to add a viewing port to their system without adding a lot of additional height compared to a normal Tri-Clamp sight glass. Unlike many competitors, this sight glass is also nitrogen tested for leaks at 100 PSI before it is sent to the customer to ensure safe operation of their extraction system.

***Note: Does not include clamp or gasket.


    • Sight Glass Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    • Glass Material: Borosilicate
    • Gasket Material: Viton
    • Connection Type: Tri-Clamp x Tri-Clamp


      Specifications for Caged Sight Glasses ONLY


      Product Temperature Spec (Min – Max) Max Pressure Rating Gasket Material Glass Material & Thickness
      SG150-C -20 - 100°C 230 PSI Butyronitrile Pyrex Glass
      SG200-C -20 - 100°C 200 PSI Butyronitrile Pyrex Glass
      SG300-C -20 - 100°C 180 PSI Butyronitrile Pyrex Glass
      SG400-C -20 - 100°C 165 PSI Butyronitrile Pyrex Glass
      SG600-C -20 - 100°C 150 PSI Butyronitrile Pyrex Glass

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