Teleflex USA High Pressure Smooth Bore PTFE Braided Stainless Steel Hose

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Teleflex Lightweight high-pressure hose is specially constructed for applications requiring strength, reliability and long-term performance along with low profile and flexibility. Added to this is the wide temperature range in which these hoses operate. These advantages combine to make Teleflex hose the choice for hot oils, phosphate esters, industrial gases and chemicals and many more.

This hose is constructed of a smooth innertube of PTFE impregnated with carbon black to provide conductivity for status dissipations. The outer braids unique bunch braid design made with 300 series stainless steel.

Properties of PTFE
Tensile Strength @ 73F 1500-3000lb./sq. in.
Elongation @ 73F 100-200%
Stiffness @ 73F 60,000 lb./sq. in.
Impact Strength, Izod 70F 2.0 ft. - lb./in.
73F 3.5 ft. - lb./in.
170F 6.0 ft. - lb./in
Hardness Durometer D55-D70
Compressive Stress at 1% Deformation @ 73F 600 lb./sq. in.
@ 1% Offset @ 73F 1000 lb./sq. in
Deformation Under Load @ 122°F
1200 lb./sq. in., 24 hrs. 4-8%
2000 lb./sq. in., 24 hrs. 25%
Heat-Distortion Temperature, 66 lb./sq. in. 250°F
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Per °F, 77-140°F 5.5x10-5
Thermal Conductivity, 0.18 in. 1.7 B.T.U./hr./sq.ft./°F/in.
Specific Heat 0.25 B.T.U./lb./°F
Water Absorption 0.0°
Flammability Nonflammable
Specific Gravity 2.1-2.3
Useful Conversions
1 p.s.i. = 0.0689 bar 1 Atms = 14.70 p.s.i.
1 bar = 14.5035 p.s.i. 1 Atms = 29.92 in. mercury
1 p.s.i. = 0.0703 Kg/ 1 m. = 3.281 ft.
1 Kg/ = 14.22 p.s.i. 1 ft. = 0.3048 m.

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