Across International SST Storage Drawers for Ai G26h -86C Freezers 50,000 Vials Max.

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Stainless steel drawer sets for Ai RapidChill -86C ultra-low freezers. Price includes 20 drawer sets and 100 drawers.

This listing is for the stainless steel storage drawers ONLY, vials, vial boxes and ULT freezer sold separately.

  • Drawer set style: 5-stack, vertical
  • Max. drawer set: 20
  • Drawer set dimensions: 5.5 x 27 x 11.5" (WxDxH)
  • Max. drawers: 100
  • Max. 2" vial boxes: 500
  • Max. 2" 1.5mL vials: 50,000


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