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SonoMechanics NanoStabilizer®-LSO is a proprietary all-in-one blend of natural ingredients necessary to ultrasonically nano-emulsify hydrophobic bioactive extracts (full- and broad-spectrum oils, distillates, isolates, vitamins, essential oils, terpenes, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals). It comprises food-grade (GRAS) carrier oils, emulsifiers, and humectants, all tasteless and natural. Nanoemulsions produced with NanoStabilizer®-LSO can be converted into water-soluble powders without requiring any additional ingredients.

Stir NanoStabilizer®-LSO into distilled water in the process vessel/beaker, add your bioactive extract or isolate and expose to high-intensity ultrasound until the desired droplet size is achieved. Detailed instructions can be found in NanoStabilizer®-LSO User Guides.


  • Commercially produce nanoemulsions of bioactive extracts or isolates without having to develop formulations and processing procedures.
  • Achieve droplet sizes of 130 - 200 nm at bioactive concentrations of up to 50 mg/ml, ensuring permanent water-compatibility and long-term stability.
  • Significantly accelerate the onset of action, improve the bioavailability and ensure reproducible dosing.
  • Easily convert the nanoemulsions into water-soluble powders without requiring any additional ingredients.


Q1. How much NanoStabilizer®-LSO should I use with my extract or isolate? What is the recommended extract or isolate concentration in the nanoemulsion?
We recommend using 4 parts of NanoStabilizer®-LSO to 1 part of your bioactive extract or isolate by mass. The best concentration (corresponding to the lowest droplet size) is typically 20 mg/ml, especially if your intention is to ultimately convert this nanoemulsion into a water-soluble powder.

Q2. Is NanoStabilizer®-LSO natural? Since it's formulation is proprietary, how can I list the ingredients on my product labels?
Yes, NanoStabilizer®-LSO is an all-in-one blend of natural and tasteless carrier oils, emulsifiers, and humectants. A specifications sheet (with a list of ingredients) and a certificate of analysis is provided with purchase.

Q3. Can I purchase NanoStabilizer®-LSO if I do not have an Industrial Sonomechanics ultrasonic processor?
Yes, you can. Please keep in mind, however, that NanoStabilizer®-LSO was designed to work in conjunction with our high-amplitude Barbell Horn® Ultrasonic Technology-based processors. Since third-party technology cannot be expected to establish the combination of processing conditions required for the correct performance of this product, we would not be able to provide any SOPs or otherwise assist you with the process.

Q4. What is the shelf life of NanoStabilizer-LSO and the resulting nanoemulsions?
NanoStabilizer®-LSO has the shelf life of 1 year and should be stored at about 10C. A correctly prepared nanoemulsion will exhibit permanent kinetic stability against oil-phase separation. To maximize its shelf life, pass your nanoemulsion through a 1 micron-pore filter and store it in a dark-glass autoclaved container at 4 - 10C.



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