Polyscience Durachill Chiller 10HP

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Power: 230V - 3 phase - 60Hz
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Polyscience Durachill Chiller 10HP

Chiller features:

  • Compact micro-channel all aluminum air-cooled condensers for increased durability
  • High efficiency, low noise fans (air-cooled units only) with integral condensers for reduced operating noise and increased efficiency
  • Stainless steel brazed plate evaporators with flow and temperature safeties to guard against freezing
  • Low voltage 24 VDC control keeps the control circuit signals free from AC interference
  • C-UL 508A industrial control panel with single point electrical connection
  • Removable inlet air filter is easily cleaned and protects condenser coils to assume maximum efficiency

Controller features:

  • Password protected operational parameters
  • Start-to-start anti-cycle timer prevents short-cycling of compressor while minimizing unnecessary off periods
  • Display of compressor and pump running hours helps with scheduling routine maintenance
  • Loss of phase/phase reversal/phase imbalance alarm
  • Pump test button allows for quick and easy pump rotation check from the main control panel
  • Temperature deviation warnings provide an adjustable deviation set point to indicate abnormal operation of chiller or process equipment without shutting down the chiller




Specs 10HP - DTA1004E - 
10 HP - DTA1008D - 
Set Point Range: 6° to 26.6°C -6° to 26.6°C
Temperature Stability: ±0.6°C ±0.6°C
Power Requirements: 230V, 3 phase, 60Hz, 37.7 A 460V, 3 phase, 60Hz, 18.7 A
Reservoir Capacity
22 gallons / 83 liters
with Low Liquid Level alarm
22 gallons / 83 liters
with Low Liquid Level alarm
Overall dimensions
(L x W x H):
75 x 35 x 61”
(190.5 x 89 x 155 cm)
75 x 35 x 61”
(190.5 x 89 x 155 cm)
Pump type: 3HP stainless steel pump 3HP stainless steel pump
Maximum Pump Pressure: 30 psi 30 psi
Maximum Flow Rate: 27 gpm 27 gpm
Refrigerant type: R410A R410A
Process Connections: 1.5” 1.5”
Cooling Capacity: 38.7 kW / 132,000 BTU/hr @ 35°C 38.7 kW / 132,000 BTU/hr @ 35°C

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