Across International PolyScience AD -40°C to 200°C 7L Refrigerated Circulator - 208V

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PolyScience 7 Liter Refrigerated Circulator, -40C to 200C

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 PolyScience AD -40°C to 200°C 7L Capacity Recirculating Chiller 1 pc
 Power Cord 1 pc
 Packing Kit (plastic bag containing documents 510-766 and CD Manual)
1 pc
 Fitting Kit (See Below for Contents)
1 pc
 ¼” MNPT x 3/8” Barb 2 pc
 ¼” MNPT x ¼” Barb 2 pc
 ¼” MNPT x 3/16” Barb  (110V & 220V) 1 pc
 ¼” MNPT to M16 (220V only)
1 pc
 Hose Clamps 4 pc

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