BVV Neutral Activated Alumina Chromatographic Grade (50-200um)

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Neutral Activated Alumina

pH: 6.8 | 50-200 Micron

Made in USA

This activated alumina is a neutral pH adsorbent used to remove excess moisture from your extraction and CRC process.  The addition of this media is used as the last layer in the typical BVV™ CRC setups.  This grabs any excess moisture from the previous CRC layers and the Biomass.  The activated alumina will produce a sugary finish almost immediately after you start your purge.  This rapid crystallization is because the process has stripped out additional phospholipoids and fats. This produces an overall extract that is less prone to oxidation and has a longer shelf life. 
  • Chromatographic Grade
  • Manufactured in the USA since 1937
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards ISO 9001:2015

BVV™ Neutral Activated Alumina Technical Data Sheet

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