BVV NEOCISION 20L Chiller (-40c) - ETL Rated

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NEOCISION 20L Chiller (-40c) - ETL Rated



Product Name Circulating Chiller
Model NEO20L-40
Reservoir volume L) 20L
No-load minimum
temperature (℃)
A: ﹣ 20℃ ( Customizable: ﹣ 30℃ / C: ﹣ 40℃
Best operating
temperature (℃)
A: ﹣ 20℃ ~ 20℃
B: ﹣ 30℃ ~ 20℃
C: ﹣ 40℃ ~ 20℃
Best operating
environment (℃)
Environmental relative humidity (%RH) ≤65
Cooling capacity at -40 ℃ kw 0.7
Refrigerant R404A
Cooling unit power (W) 1500
Sensor pt100
Controller, monitor liquid crystal
Computer interface R485 optional
safety protection Compressor delay protection,
machine leakage,
over-voltage protection
Power AC230V±10%/60HZ
Pump Power (W) 15
Maximum flow (L/min) 10
Maximum lift (m) 2.5
Liquid inlet and outlet pipe diameter (mm) φ18
Whole machine
Total Weight (Kg) 105
Tank opening/depth ( mm) φ300mm*300mm
Out size (mm) 420*580*790
Adaptation rotary evaporator
(volume* number)
Note The equipment can be customized to different supply
voltage frequency; different flow head external circulation system and external magnetic
stirring device.





  1. TEMP: Displays the measured temperature value. To set the desired temperature, press the setting key until the TEMP SET value flashes. Press the setting key again to confirm the parameter.
  2. SET: Displays the desired temperature value set manually.
  3. RUN: Indicates that the chiller is operating.
  4. Cooling Indicator: Appears when the chiller is cooling.
  5. Circulation Indicator: Appears when the pump is operating.
  6. TIME: Displays the set running time; this value countdowns to zero and operation stops. To set a timer, press the setting key. When the TIME value flashes, enter the desired time using they arrow keys. Leave at zero if a timer is not needed.
  7. Silence Indicator: Appears when an alarm has been silenced.
  8. Alarm Indicator: It will appear when there is an alarm.
  9. Settings: Used for manually setting values and parameters.
  10. Left Arrow: Shifts to the numbers on the left to set desired value.
  11. Down Arrow: One push will decrease 1 digit; A long press will decrease digits faster.
  12. Up Arrow: One push will increase 1 digit; A long press will increase digits faster.
  13. Cooling Key: Press and hold key for more than 4 seconds to control start/stop the cooling function.
  14. Circulation Key: Press to start/stop the circulation function.


Note: After all parameters have been input, press the cooling key for four seconds to being operation.

Instructions Before Use

The unit should be used under the following conditions:

  1. Place on a stable, non-combustible flat surface
  2. Ambient temperature of 5 ~ 35 ℃
  3. Relative humidity ≤ 85%
  4. Atmospheric pressure: (86 ~ 106) KPa
  5. Altitude not higher than 2000 meters
  6. Power: 5L AC 110V±10%/60HZ, 20L: AC230V±10%/60HZ
  7. Keep away from any heat, corrosive gasses, strong vibration and electromagnetic sources.
  8. Provide a minimum of 300mm of space for proper ventilation (front and rear)
  9. Do not spill liquid anywhere other than the bath.
  10. When setting temperatures pay attention to freezing points (ethanol/ethylene glycol).
  11. When operating for the first time after replacing the heat transfer fluid there may be air trapped in the circulating pump, follow these instructions to purge:
  • a. Disconnect the outlet line from the application NOTE: Fluid may leak from application, be ready with a bucket or plug the port. Hold the Outlet hose above the top of the bath so fluid does not drain out.
  • b. Place the outlet hose into a clean collection bucket.
  • c. Hold the outlet hose firmly so it does not fall out of the collection bucket
  • d. Wearing safety glasses to shield any splashes, turn on the circulating function.
  • e. After the liquid flow significantly increases, turn off the circulator.
  • f. Reconnect the hoses to your application’s ports.





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