Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil SAE Grade 20, ISO Viscosity Grade 68

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BVV's Top Recommended Vacuum Pump Oil

Ultra long Service Life!

Mobil Vacuum™ Pump Oil is a special lubricant that is designed to be used for the lubrication of critical vacuum pumps.  It has a very low vapor pressure and can be used when extremely high vacuum is required. It provides excellent wear and corrosion protection for vacuum pump components and will give the following benefits in service:

  • Long lubrication life
  • No viscosity change in use
  • No odor or vapor generated
  • Wide use temperature range
  • Pulls vacuum down to 1micron or less (*BVV internal testing)
  • SAE Grade 20, ISO Viscosity Grade 68

BVV's Testimonial: "Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil has an insane service life and at BVV we have migrated over to Mobile for all of our laboratory pump applications.  We use Mobil oil for Edwards, Welch, and the pumps.  From vacuum purging and distillation we know we need good oil to get low vacuum and the fact that we can run continually for months on the same oil is amazing.  This oil has led to less pump rebuilds and extended service life of our in house pumps used in our labs.  Overall Mobil is the most reliable oil we have ever used at BVV."

Water vapor is a common contaminant in vacuum systems and tends to condense inside the pumps.  Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil has good demulsibility (Ability to separate oil from water) Which aids water removal and prevents its return to metal surfaces to cause rust and corrosion.  

This oil has a high degree of chemical stability enabling it to resist oxidation and the subsequent formation of sludge and deposits, an essential characteristic in all cases where continuous service is involved. This enables the oil to retain its original properties such as viscosity and demulsibility and so to prolong oil service life.  

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