Media Bros CRY Filter Media

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Media Bros CRY Filter Media

CRY Natural zeolite for improving oil color, clarity, and crystallization.

CRY is our most aggressive CRC filter media. It will remediate color more aggressively than our CRX, but will also take out more terpenes than our CRX media.

CRY™ is an aggressive variant of CRX™. Elementally, CRY™ has about 1.5X the embedded silica content when compared to CRX™. This allows CRY™ to filter a wider range of compounds than CRX™ alone and allows extractors the ability to quickly tune their media. Consider using a blend of CRX™ and CRY™ on the most difficult to process materials. Bro, media so aggressive it makes you want to CRY.

Sizes Available:

  • 1.5KG SAMPLE
  • 10KG 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 100KG 55 Gallon Cardboard Drum
  • 1000KG Super Sack (Requires forklift or Pallet Jack)



Note:  Super sack and Bulk sizes are non-stocked items and will be ordered as needed and carry a several week lead time and require a forklift or pallet jack

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