J-KEM Scientific J-Kem The Quad

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System Options: Complete System
Thermocouple Type: J (0 to 800 °C)
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J-Kem The Quad 

Because we’ve never met a chemist with too much bench space!

The Quad packs four independent temperature controllers into a single, compact unit. Each of the four controller channels has 1200 watts of power, an independent display, and an over-temperature protection circuit. Contains J-KEM’s patented power control computer which provides 0.1° regulation of anything.

Specifications: 120vac, 15 amps, 1800 watts total, 1200 watts maximum per channel.
Warranty: 2 Years


The temperature range desired determines the probe/thermocouple type:

J [black] (0 – 800° C)
K [yellow] (-50 – 1200° C)
T [blue]  (-200 – 250° C)
RTD: (-200 – 400° C)



Complete system includes: one controller, four Teflon thermocouples (12″ long, 1/8″ diameter), four connecting cords, and four 14/20 joint adapters.

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