BVV Indicating Molecular Sieve Beads Type 4A

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Indicating Molecular Sieve Beads TYPE 4A (Blue)


4A Blue Indicating Molecular Sieve is a porous, high capacity alkali metal aluminosilicate compound. Like non-indicating 4A molecular sieve, our blue indicating 4A molecular sieve has 4 Angstrom-sized pore openings that allow to adsorb all molecules adsorbed by 3A,  molecular sieve, plus larger molecules like aromatic and branched-chain hydrocarbons.

Handling & Storage Recommendations:

Store in a dry location to prevent unintentional water adsorption. Reseal packages after opening to prevent contamination and unintentional water adsorption. We recommend that you rotate stock so the oldest material is used first. Please read the safety data sheet to ensure proper handling and always wear personal protection equipment when handling molecular sieve.

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