Huber SilOil M80.055.03, Heat transfer fluid -80 to 55 °C

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Huber SilOil M80.055.03, Heat transfer fluid -80 to 55 °C


SilOil M80.055.03 is a low-viscosity silicone fluid which, as a result of its special property profile, is particularly suitable for use as a cold and heat transfer medium in cryostats, thermostats and heat transfer installations.

The fluid can be used in the range from -80  °C to 55  °C. It should be borne in mind that, at high temperatures, SilOil M80.055.03 can be chemically altered by oxidising media, such as air, or substances with a catalytic effect, such as acids, lyes and various metal compounds. An increase in viscosity, and possibly even gelling of the fluid owing to crosslinking reactions, must be expected in the presence of oxidising agents, while contact with products having a catalytic effect usually induces a process of depolymerisation, resulting in a drop in viscosity



  • virtually insolubile in water
  • non-corrosive
  • low setting points and vapour pressures
  • high flash points
  • low toxicity
  • odourless
  • no coking tendency under thermal stress
  • high thermal stability
  • resistance to ageing
  • chlorine free




Heat transfer fluid M80.055.03
Working temperature °C -80 to 55
open/closed systems: -80°C…55°C
Material: silicon oil
Viscosity at 25°C: 3 mm²/s
Colour colourless, clear
Material incompatibility Silicone rubber

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