Huber MinOil P20.190.40, Heat transfer fluid 20 to 190 °C

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Size: 5L
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Huber MinOil P20.190.40, Heat transfer fluid 20 to 190 °C

P20.190.40 is a high quality mineral oil based heat transfer fluid. It meets the technical safety requirements and tests according to DIN 4754 as well as the recommendations of VDI 3033 (Construction, operation and maintenance of heat transfer systems).


  • very good oxidation stability
  • high thermal stability
  • good viscosity-temperature characteristics
  • low tendency to coke
  • extended oil change interval


Working temperature °C  20°C…190°C
Flash Point °C 190
Fire Point °C not Specified
Viscosity mm2/s (kinematic at 25 °C) 40
Density g/cm3 0,86
Pour Point °C > 300
Ignition temperature °C > 300
Colour light yellow
Thermal expansion coefficient 10-5/K not Specified
Heat conductivity W/(m·K) at 25 °C 0,135
Material incompatibility Not Specified

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