Huber DW-Therm HT P20.340.32 Heat transfer fluid 20 to 340 °C

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Huber DW-Therm HT 20 to 340 °C Heat transfer fluid

Huber heat transfer fluids are recommended for many temperature control applications because they have the best possible thermodynamic and environmental characteristics. Safe reliable operation relies on compliance with safety standards to ensure optimal results.

DW-Therm HT is a mixture of partially hydrogenated naphthalenes. It is especially suited for high temperature applications using hydraulically sealed thermostats.

Please note: Valid only for Unistats




  • broad working range from 20 °C up to 340 °C (hydraulically sealed systems)
  • Long lifetime at high temperatures under inert atmosphere: 3 -4 years
  • Good thermal properties for heat transfer
  • High thermo-oxiation stability 


Working temperature°C 20 to 340
Flash Point °C 190
Flash Point °C approx. 218
Viscosity mm2
/s (kinematic at 25 °C)
Density g/cm3,(at 20 °C) 1,043
Pour Point °C -30
Ignition temperature °C 385
Colour orange, clear
Thermal expansion coefficient 10-5/K not specified
Heat conductivity W/(m·K) at 30 °C 0,130
Material incompatibility not specified

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