Across International HUBER CC-902 -90°C to +200°C 5L with Pilot ONE

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The new Huber multi-touch controller Pilot ONE offers a brilliant 5.7" touchscreen with graphic functions and a comfortable navigation menu. All important operating parameters and temperature values are neatly displayed on the touchscreen. Thanks to the new favourites menu, the one-click operation and the integrated technical glossary the operation is very easy, just like on a smartphone. Integrated USB and Ethernet ports allows connection to a PC or network, e.g. for remote control or data transmission.

Refrigeration bath circulators are suitable for controlling the temperature of externally connected applications and thermoregulation of objects directly in the thermostat bath. Typical applications are: photometers, refractometers, viscometers, double-jacketed reaction vessels and autoclaves. The units can be used in mini-plants and kilo laboratories, for determining the freezing point, for deep temperature calibration, for petroleum tests, for temperature control of measuring devices and experimental setups as well as for materials testing and quality control. Depending on the model, the equipment is able to meet the highest demands; this is ensured by the professional range of functions available on the Pilot ONE controller, such as a colour TFT display, programmer, Pt100 external probe connection, calibration, calendar/clock functions, autostart, RS232 interface as well as extensive safety and warning functions. One further plus point is the electronic upgrade for function extensions using a unit specific e-grade code. This activates additional functions such as the programmer, TAC cascade controlling, temperature ramps, user menus, calendar start, graphic display and process control. The units are made from high quality stainless steel and have a thermoregulated cover plate to avoid condensation and build up of ice. The bath vessel has a volume of 5 litres and can be emptied via the drain fitting over the front.

Huber CC-902 features

  • Pilot ONE controller with Plug & Play technology
  • Precise temperature control
  • 5.7“ touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation
  • Overtemperature and low level protection
  • Safety class III/FL (DIN 12876)
  • Powerful pressure/suction pump
  • Programmer with calendar and clock functions
  • 2-point calibration
  • Pt100 sensor connection



Huber CC-902 adapters, tubing for Ai 10L and 20L glass reactors (no fluid) 

  • P/N 6195 x 2 90 Adaptor M16x1 female - M16x1 male
  • P/N 6136 x 2 2m (-100 to 350) - tubing
  • P/N 11028 x 2 M16 X1 m - 3/4" NPT

Huber CC-902 adapters, tubing and fluid for Ai 10L glass reactors 

  • P/N 6195 x 2 90 Adaptor M16x1 female - M16x1 male
  • P/N 6136 x 2 2m (-100 to 350) - tubing
  • P/N 11028 x 2 M16 X1 m - 3/4" NPT
  • P/N 6276 x 1 M80 (-80 to 100) fluid - 10L

Huber CC-902 adapters, tubing and fluid for Ai 20L glass reactors 

  • P/N 6195 x 2 90 Adaptor M16x1 female - M16x1 male
  • P/N 6136 x 2 2m (-100 to 350) - tubing
  • P/N 11028 x 2 M16 X1 m - 3/4" NPT
  • P/N 6275 x 1 M80 (-80 to 100) fluid - 5L
  • P/N 6276 x 1 M80 (-80 to 100) fluid - 10L



Huber Pilot ONE multi-touch controller

Heating / cooling capacityCirculation pumpConnectionsOperating data
General information & temperature controller
Temperature range -90...200C
Temperature stability 0,02C
Temperature control TAC, self-optimizing (True Adaptive Control)
Safety class III / FL
Protection class IP20
Dimensions(W x D x H) 550 x 600 x 911mm
Weight 129kg
Heating capacity 1,5kW
Cooling capacity
100 20 0 -20 -40 -60 -80 C
1,2 1,2 1,2 1,1 0,9 0,6 0,2 kW
Cooling machine air-cooled
Refrigerant1. stage R452A (0,75 kg)
Refrigerant2. stage R508B (0,46 kg)
Pressure pump max. 25 l/min;0,7 bar
Suction pump max. 18,5 l/min;0,4 bar
Pump connection M16x1 AG male
Permissibleviscosity 50mm/s
Pt100 connection Pt100
Digital interface RS232, Ethernet, USB Device, USB Host
Permissible ambient temp. 5...40C
Sound pressure level 63dB(A)
Bath openingWxD/BD 120 x 110 / 150mm
Bath volume 5Litres
Power supply 208V 2~ 60Hz or 460V 3~ 60Hz
Current max. 13,2A
Fusing 16 A
Standard Packages
Standard package


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HUBER CC-902 -90°C to +200°C 5L with Pilot ONE 1 pc

Mini-USB Cable 2 pc

Bath Cover 1 pc

Adapters (diameter 12 mm) 2 pc

Blank Plug for M16x1 (Installed) 2 pc

Sleeve Nut Threads M16X1 (Installed) 2 pc

User's manual 1 pc

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