Gummy Depositor Machine

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Step up gummy production with the Candyworx JR gummy depositor machine and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Efficient and easy to use. Watch the operation video to see the gummy making process. Read More

Sale price$11,900.00 USD

Introducing the Candyworx Depositmore™ JR Gummy Depositor Machine - an efficient benchtop solution for easy depositing of gummy candy, gelatin products, chocolate, and infused confections into molds.

With a 3 liter stainless steel hopper, integrated heating system, and single nozzle depositing head, this compact machine can produce 720-1020 pieces per hour at a consistent viscosity and sizing. Precise digital PID controllers allow you to dial in exact temperatures up to 250°F for the hopper, base, and nozzle.

Easy to operate for batch production or semi-automated runs, the Gummy Depositor features adjustable timing and plunger depth settings to accommodate different mold sizes and product viscosities on demand. The stainless steel assembly disassembles smoothly for cleaning and maintenance between production cycles.

Built in the USA to food-safe standards, this versatile depositor takes up minimal footprint in your commercial kitchen or production environment. Rugged stainless steel composition stands up to heavy daily use, with FDA-compliant components and seals throughout.

This Gummy Depositor Machine provides a flexible, efficient solution to scale your artisan batches. Delivering commercial-grade longevity and precision at an affordable price point for small businesses.

If you are looking for a solid addition to your operation, you've found it.

Watch the gummy making process below:

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