Glacier Tanks 15 Gallon Fermenter | Jacketed Uni Tank - Stainless Stee

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15 Gallon Fermenter | Jacketed Uni Tank - Stainless Steel

Jacketed Conical Fermenters

Glacier Tanks' 15 gallon jacketed fermenter tanks have a 15 gallon working volume with 25% head space for 18.75 gallons total volume. Fermenters come standard with a 3mm thick SS304 tank body with glycol dimple jacket and 2 mm SS304 clad layer. Each tank has a 60 degree cone, adjustable legs with oversize feet, a large 16 in.; round pressure manway top, custom racking arm, and a 1.5 in.; drain. The 15 gallon jacketed conical fermenter comes with a 1 year warranty and includes all valves, clamps, gaskets, thermometer, thermowell, pressure gauge, sample valve, and a second thermowell welded into the tank body. The tank is pressure rated at 14.7 psi. Stainless Steel SS316 body & custom designs available - Call for Pricing.

Brand Glacier Tanks
Warranty Yes
Min Working Volume 15 Gallons
Stainless Steel SS304
Total Volume 18.75 Gallons
Volume 15 Gallons
Quantity in stock 4

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