Across International Food Grade Solvent-Resist Viton Door Gasket for Ai Vacuum Ovens

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One-piece, food-grade Viton door sealing gasket, specially made for Ai AT series vacuum ovens, is good for sealing and maintaining vacuum level within the oven chamber. The maximum temperature on the Viton gasket is 150 Celsius (302 Fahrenheit)

Viton gaskets are highly impermeable to many strong organic solvents that would destroy or permeate commonly used gaskets.



AT Series Viton Dims (LxW) – Inches
AT09/AT09e 14 x 13”
AT19/AT19e 19 x 15 1/2”
AT32/AT32e 19 3/4 x 19 3/4”
AT50e/AT50x 21 1/4 x 20 3/4"
AT75x/AT75/AT75a 27 1/2 x 24 x 1/8”
AT160/AT160x 37 1/4 x 27 3/8”


Dimension Tolerance: +/- : 0.07-0.1”

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