BVV Express Extractor Heater 3.5 to 11KW of heating Power!

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Express Extractor Heater by BVV™

1 Year Warranty

The BVV™ Extractor Heater is our built in house high power extractor heater circulator.  We have 3 model units 3,500, 8,000 & 11,000 WATTS!  Each upright panel comes with 25ft of silicone tubing and a 5 gallon reservoir.  Each system is capable of heating up to 140°F and can exceed the demand of even the largest extraction vessels. 

The system operates on an independent nitrile diaphragm pump circulating water @1.5GPM.  The pump can self prime up to 11ft. and within a typical extractor this pump is operating around 30-50psi in circulating pressure.  


BVV Part# KW AMPS Voltage Breaker AMPS Installed Plug Rec. Wire Size Temp. Range
EEH-3.5KW 3.5 29 120V (1x30)A L5-30P Plug 10 AWG 120°F
EEH-8KW 7.3 33 240V (1x40)A 6-50P 8 AWG 80-140°F (adjustable)
EEH-11KW 11 46 240V (2x30)A 6-30 Plug (2x12) AWG 80-140°F (adjustable)



The 3.5KW unit has a digital temperature display and cannot be adjusted from the standard factory programmed 120°F.  During normal recovery operations used with our extractors this fluctuates between 120-157°F.   Though there is a lack in temperature accuracy we measure at the extractor base a consistent recovery temperature around 122-125°F.

These heater are built with an electrical failsafe that prevents them from operating dry, and will auto shut down if the flow is unexpectedly stopped to protect the unit.  The attached in-line filter will prevent any debris from entering the heater.  A clogged filter will also prevent the heater from operating.  


General Extractor Size Heater Recommendations for these Models
0-2lbs Biomass EEH-3.5KW
2-5lbs Biomass EEH-8KW
5-20lbs Biomass EEH-11KW



At BVV our favorite model is the 11KW.  The unit does require two 240V 30A Single phase circuits, but its now a permanent fixture in or laboratory.   Every model will pump out lots of heat for any recovery situation, could you use a 3.5KW heater on a 5 or 10lb unit?  Absolutely, Just expect longer times to reach the heaters maximum setting.   For example we heated 3x 6"x48" fully jacketed columns to 140°F (heater temp) in about 11 minutes using the 11KW heater.   Another example is a 1lb Apollo extractor with a fully jacketed collection base heated to 120°F in about 8-9 min. using the 3.5KW extractor heater.  

 ETL Listed to UL 499 and CSA (Canada) Utilizing all UL approved components for the heater, pump, and emergency stop switches, wiring harnesses, plugs, and electrical housings.  The heater arrive with the specified plugs attached, however all of the models can be hardwired directly if you choose not to use a plug. 

*240V units can be used on 208V single phase with 25% reduced temperature output

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