BVV Diamond Sauce Separator for 1.9 ft³ Ovens and Larger

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BVV Diamond Sauce Separator

The BVV diamond sauce separator is a good compliment to any diamond miner.  With this vessel you can easily strain and separate your diamonds from the sauce using the internal basket.  You can clean your diamonds like never before with less work.  


  • 12.25" Exact Height (Fits 1.9 ft³ Vacuum Ovens)
  • (100 micron mesh Dutch Weave)
  • 3"x9" Main Body Spool


  • 15.25" Exact Height  (Fits larger than 1.9 ft³ Vacuum Ovens)
  • (100 micron mesh Dutch Weave)
  • 3"x12" Main Body Spool

Replacement Top Gasket around the basket can be found  


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