Across International Desktop High Energy Vibratory Ball Mill with One 80ml St St Jar

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VQ-N ball mills may be referred to as shaker mills, mixer mills or high-energy ball mills. They can be used for both wet and dry shredding as well as to mix a variety of solids, suspended liquids and pastes. This unit is ideal for preparing small batches of your sample efficiently.





  • Quick, efficient pulverization and homogenization
  • Short shredding time and high sample throughput
  • Large range of materials available for shredding media
  • Leak-proof jar for wet shredding for purchase

We offer jars (50ml, 80ml) and balls (6101520) in different materials in our accessories section, including Stainless Steel, Agate, Alumina, Nylon, PTFE and Zirconium Oxide.


Achieving the desired particles via ball mill is a research project. The project depends on the material, shredding time, speed, and combination of shredding jar and quantity/size of milling ball. It is your responsibility to find the best milling procedure based on your material. Across International offers paid sample testing prior purchase.

Please be advised that the paid sample testing is implemented to establish a general base line for the experimental procedure. Depending on the present conditions that are applied to the unit, the results may vary if the process is repeated elsewhere.



1. All 50ml jars must be used with a 50ml stainless steel jacket.
2. When used in vacuum or inert gases environment, all 50ml jars must be used with a 50ml stainless steel vacuum jacket.




 Electrical requirements
 110V or 220V 50/60Hz single phase, 180 watts
 Jar capacity
 50ml or 80ml
 Oscillation speed
 1,200 rpm
 Noise  ~78 dB
 Timing range
 1-999 seconds
 Discharging granularity              
 Down to 0.1 micron
 Unit weight  45 Lb
 Shipping weight  110 Lb
 Unit dimensions
 18 x 15 x 12" (DxWxH)
 Shipping dimensions
 24 x 19 x 17" (LxWxH)
 Grinding jar included
 One 80ml stainless steel jar with stainless steel balls and o-ring.
 Additional shredding media in a variety of materials is sold separately.
 Compliance  CE
Standard Packages
Standard package



Part description    






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 VQ-N high energy ball mill
1 pc

 80ml stainless steel jar & balls   
1 set

 Motor belt
1 pc

 Jar fastening screwdriver
1 pc


 Power cord
1 pc

 Sealing o-ring
2 pcs

 Spare spring                   
2 pcs

 Stainless steel sieve
 1 pc

 Allen Key (5mm) 3 pcs

 Jar Cushion 1 pc

 User's manual 1 pc

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