Corken T91-103 Oil-Free Gas Compressor

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Corken Gas Compressor

Corken's vertical industrial gas compressors offer piston displacement ranging from 2.8 to 117 CFM (4.76 to 198.8 m3/hr) while horizontal gas compressors offer piston displacement ranging from 7.6 to 414 CFM (12.9 to 704 m3/hr).

Corken Recovery Pump T91

is a leading manufacturer of industrial compressors designed for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The single stage T91 is oil-free and can recover your hydrocarbon gas faster than most recovery pumps on the market. 

  • Double Distance piece
  • Triple Packing 
  • Oil wipe ring 
  • Adjustable packing Screw

Features and Benefits:

  • Oil-free gas compression: No product contamination 
  •  Food grade material: PTFE trim and nickel coated parts 
  • Faster recovery time: Allows more production runs 
  • Zero psig evacuation pressure: Minimizes waste 
  • Self-lubricating PTFE piston rings: Low friction design provides many hours of trouble-free service
  •  Quiet operation: Suitable for indoor applications (approximately 85 dBa at three feet) 
  • Space saving: Air compressor is not required
  •  Adjustable packing screw: Extends life of the packing
  • Cost effective: Does not require air compressor and pneumatic driver. Avoid possible air/propane cross contamination 
  •  Motor: UL and CSA compliant and suitable for Class 1, Division 1, Group C & D application 


Operating Specifications
Bore of cylinder inches (mm) 3.0 (76.2)
Stroke inches (mm) 2.5 (63.5)
Piston displacement cfm (m3/hr) Minimum @ 400 RPM
4.1 (7.0)
Maximum working pressure psig (bar g)
335 (23.1)
Maximum brake horsepower (kW)
7.5 (5.6)
Maximum rod load lb (kg) 3,600 (1,632.9)
Maximum outlet temperature °F (°C) 350 (177)



General Performance Data for Vapor Recovery
Compressor speed RPM 700
Vapor temperature °F 70
Final evac pressure psig 0
Maximum working pressure psig (bar g)
335 (23.1)
Average recovery rate in lb/hr*
Butane: 93
Propane: 240


Power Requirements
Voltage 115/230 VAC
Motor Power 3 HP
Motor Speed 1750 RPM
Motor Frequency 60 Hz


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