BVV CannaClean SC-1 Industrial Resin Cleaner Concentrate

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CannaClean SC-1

Full Concentrate Undiluted

The Preferred Cleaner @ BVV!

Designed to clean all sticky resin messes.  This industrial cleaner can be used to clean worksurfaces, ovens, handles, doors, intricate glassware, extractor parts, scissors, automated machines and any instruments or tools used that comes into contact with the sticky resins we all know.  What sets this cleaner apart is the application.  D'limonene has been the go to for labs, but it always leaves behind the oily residue since its a pure oil based terpene.  CannaClean SC-1 leaves NO residue behind on any surface.  Making this a one step cleanup product! 

  1. Use as is or dilute with water (we recommend no more than 50% dilution) 
  2. Apply with spray or cloth. 

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