BVV Vacuum Filter Trap

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Vacuum Filter Trap



This Vacuum Filter Trap is designed to remove potential contaminants from the vacuum line to prolong the lifetime of your pump. Packed with oil-free, stainless-steel SS304 wool and made with a glass jar, the filter trap may optionally be used as a low-cost cold trap. Welch Inlet / Exhaust Separator 1423B with stainless steel wool inside for even more filtration.

We built out two separate fitting configurations for your convenience: just choose from the drop-down menu above! The trap ships default with two 3/8" Barbed fittings, but you may alternatively select our KF25 x 1/4" JIC fittings to receive your vacuum trap specially designed for use with our ovens! Simply clamp the trap directly onto your oven's KF25 vacuum port, then connect a 1/4" hose to your vacuum pump.


  • Inlet/Outlet: 3/8" FNPT (ships with adapters selected above)
  • Jar: 230ml Glass -- Welch Inlet / Exhaust Separator 1423B
  • Steel Wool: Oil-free SS304
  • Maximum Vacuum: <29"Hg
  • Dimensions: 2.8" dia x 4.3" tall


Please note this item does not include any vacuum tubing.
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