BVV Sleeved Recovery Tank

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  Sleeved Recovery Tank

Built for optimized recovery performance and efficient use of dry ice, these sleeved recovery spools are the perfect prechilling and recovery solutions for hydrocarbon extraction. Available in 5LB,10LB, & 22LB butane capacities these sleeved recovery tanks are a great upgrade for any of our 1-5lb extractors. All models of our Sleeved Recovery tank come complete with a 1/2" JIC recovery port, a 1/4" JIC drain port, 2X 1/4" JIC accessories ports, 2X Borosilicate sight glasses, a single -30hg-250PSI Compound Pressure Gauge, and a 125 PSI ASME pressure relief valve to provide maximum compatibility and versatility across processing platforms.


  • 6"x12", 6"x24", 12"x12" Sleeved spool 
  • Hemi ring stand with 1/4" JIC drain valve
  • 2X Borosilicate Sight Glasses
  • 1X 125 PSI ASME pressure relief valve
  • 1X -30hg-250PSI Compound Pressure Gauges
  • 1X 1/2" JIC Recovery Valve
  • 2X 1/4" JIC Accessory Valves
  • 1X JIC Drain Valve
  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 125PSI

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