BVV Nitrous Oxide Tank Pressure Regulator made by Best Whip

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Nitrous Oxide Tank Regulator for Whip Cream Dispensers

This specifically designed quick charge adapter makes connecting and disconnecting your dispenser to the regulator quick and easy.  Start infusing today using this regulator to connect to your 635g N2O charger.  Nitrous tanks with an M11 fitting with connect to this regulator. 

  • M11 fitting (connects to tank)
  • Whip Cream Adapter Fitting M22x2.0 (fits whip cream dispenser)
  • Quick Disconnect Hose (self-sealing when removed)

The Best Whip N2O regulator requires specific working pressure levels depending on your recipe and the desired texture and intensity. The result is perfect consistency across different recipes with just the right amount of gas. 

Fats, proteins, and ingredients / flavorings are the key factors when determining the required pressure for your recipe.

Nitrous Oxide Foam Pressure Table:

Recipe Type and Foam Density Level Dispenser Contents Recommended Pressure (Bar)
Light foam (airy whipped cream) 300-450ml 6-9
Thick foam (cold foam) 300-450ml 9-11
Cocktail foam 200-400ml 8-11
Liquid foam (sauces and soup) 300-450ml 5-7
Firm foam (deserts i.e., cakes, merengue) 200-250ml 15-16

Cocktails and Infusion Table:

Intensity Level Dispenser Contents  Recommended Pressure (Bar) Recommended Infusion Time
Low 10-150ml 5-7 15 minutes
Medium 150-250ml 7-16 30 minutes
High 250-500ml 8-17 2 Hours

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