BVV Nitrogen Hydrogen 95% N2 and 5% H

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Nitrogen Hydrogen

95% N2 and 5% H

99.5% Purity, Filled, Compressed Gas

Made in Italy

This 3"x12" compressed gas tank is filled with a high purity blend of nitrogen and hydrogen.  95% Nitrogen and 5% Hydrogen.  

*Note Tank Pressure is 1624 PSI

Tank Volume of Gas Product SKU:
130g / 103 Liters / 27 Gallons NITROHYDRO-130G


Regulator Details (not included with tank only purchase)

  • Regulator - Adjustable via. needle valve, regulated to 80 PSI. Made in Italy. Thread: M11x1 (tank connection).  Output: 1/4" JIC to connect to any of our 1/4" extractor hoses or vacuum hoses.  Gauges read in BAR.

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