BVV M11x1.0 Valve Dispenser for Compressed Gas

Power Lab Supply 1SKU: M11x1-VD-BARB
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Style: 1/4" Barb
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 Valve Dispenser

Thread Size M11x1.0

Pushpin Valve Type

Our regulators are threaded and designed to fit our compressed gas tanks.  , , , , and cylinders.  This dispenser is simply a valve that will install onto the tank and will allow you to slowly or rapidly dispense the gas.  The valve has a center pin, when the knob is turned clockwise it will depress the pin in the tank slowly to dispense the gas.  You can even remove the valve dispenser when not in use.  

Compatible with CO2, Nitrogen, Argon, Nitrogen-Hydrogen mix, Nitrous Oxide and Helium.

*The valve dispenser in this listing does not come with hoses, or cylinders.  


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