BVV Light Mounted High Pressure Clamps

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High Pressure Clamps

(Batteries Not Included)

LED light mounted clamps offer the user convenience when trying to look into the base of their system because they don't have to fumble around and find a flashlight. These lights are directly mounted to the clamp and allow you to angle them directly into the sight glass on most of our extraction bases. Best Value Vacs recommends tightening all High Pressure to their specified LBS of torque. We do not recommend tightening high-pressure bolts with an impact gun because this may cause threads to jump or be marred which can cause failure of the bolt or seal.

Sizes Available:

    • 1.5" High Pressure Clamp

    • 2" High Pressure Clamp

    • 3" High Pressure Clamp


    • Hinge Type: Bolted

    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    • Connection Type: Tri-Clamp

    • Light Specifications: Battery Powered LED

Sizes Max Torque Maximum Pressure @70F Maximum Pressure @250F
1.5" 130 1500 1200
2" 130 1000 800
3" 130 1000 800

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