BVV 6" Turnkey Falling Film Evaporator

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Is your lab floor filled with a fleet of rotary evaporators? Looking to increase solvent recovery throughput? Our new and compact 20GPH Falling Film Evaporator (FFE) has the capability to maximize throughput and replace up to five 50L Rotary Evaporators.

The BVV™ 20GPH Falling Film Evaporator is designed to evaporate ethanol that has been diluted in crude oil during a filtration or extraction process. By reducing the vapor pressure inside the system and metering the injection valve, the user can set the heat exchangers to the appropriate temperatures to efficiently evaporate solvent from their crude oil.

We paired our FFE with reliable equipment that will keep operations running. End users are required to plumb the process inlet and outlet connections for both heat exchangers. They are supplied with 1.5” sanitary tri-clamp connections. BVV™ can assist with necessary parts needed for a permanent or temporary installation. Temporary installations may be necessary if your lab has limited fume hoods or space which is shared with other processing equipment.

Below you will find key features, additional equipment included with the system and the power requirements for each, and real-life efficiencies that were tested.

Key Features:

· Compact rack design for use in fume hoods (39”x30”x75.5”)

· Vernier scale metering valve for controlled injection

· Accurate heater and chiller temperature control

· Deep vacuum for effective solvent removal

· Discharge pumps to eliminate constant reservoir draining and down time

· Chemical resistant vacuum pump

· Adaptable discharge outlets to customer preference

· Insulation to limit thermal loses and reduce condensation (Not Pictured)

· Sanitary tri-clamp and compression fittings

· Pre-heat injection coil

· Injection distribution plate

· Tube in shell heat exchanger for efficient evaporation and condensation

· Packable vapor path for reduction of contaminants and cleaner separation

· Water reservoir for priming the heating system and expansion during operation

Crude Discharge Pump

Easily control discharge speed and collect your extract directly from the 3/8" tube via a collection vessel or swage on a fitting of your preference to pump collected extract to a secondary location. Eliminate constant reservoir draining and operate continuously.

Metered Solvent Injection

Effectively repeat efficiency and throughput with our vernier scale metering valve. Easy to dial in the desired efficiency and throughput desired by the user.

Distribution Plate

Directs the injected solvent to be evenly distributed across all tubes in the heat exchanger which maximizes the effective heating surface area.

Solvent Discharge and Vacuum Pump

The solvent discharge pump eliminates the need for a reservoir and allows you to pump recovered solvent to any desired secondary location.

The vacuum pump manifold gives you easy vacuum control during the complete operation.



The equipment listed below is included with the system. Check power requirements and amp draw prior to purchasing.



Power Requirement

Amp Draw


Hubbell Process Water Heater

Heater for Heat Exchanger Column (Evaporation)

240V 3-Phase


36kW Heating Capacity

Taco ECM High-Efficiency Circulator

Water Circulator for Heater

115V 1-Phase


Max flow rate 52GPM

10hp Polyscience Chiller 230v

Chiller for Heat Exchanger Column (Condensation)

230V 1-Phase


38.7kW Cooling Capacity

2GPM Ethanol Recovery Pump for Vacuum

Pump for Ethanol Recovery Discharge

230V 1-Phase


2GPM Max Flow Rate, Vacuum Check Valve

Beaker and Wrench Explosion Proof Oil Pump

Pump for Oil Recovery Discharge

230V 1-Phase


90L/hr. Max Flow Rate, Vacuum Check Valve

Welch BTpro100 Diaphragm Pump

Vacuum Pump for System

115 1-Phase


3.5 CFM, 6 Torr Ultimate Vacuum

Total Amp Draw




We are proud to present real data with running parameters and efficiencies that reflect the actual operation of our system. Below you will find the tested throughputs and efficiencies that our FFE is capable of handling.


11 GPH

18 GPH

20 GPH

22 GPH

24 GPH







** Efficiency calculated at 10:1 ratio (Ethanol : Crude Oil) with heater temperature of 160°F. Crude is fully dewaxed when going into the falling film evaporator. Solution starts at room temperature. Speeds may differ based on dilution ratio, crude quality, and running parameters. **


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