BVV 2" Plastic Drum Faucet

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Recommended for dispensing light oils, acids and cleaning solutions.  FDA approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic faucet. The faucet is designed to fit 2" NPT threads and can be used to dispense most non-flammable liquids.
  • Use with plastic and steel drums.
  • Tough polyethylene.
  • FDA compliant.


High density polyethylene (HDPE ) is the most commonly used resin. This economical plastic has good impact resistant, is naturally translucent, flexible, and typically used for personal care products, such as shampoo bottles. Adding color will give HDPE an opaque look that will result in an increase in weight and rigidness. We have a variety of these rigid and tough high density polyethylene products in stock, from containers, pails, bottles, caps, tubs, and jugs. HDPE works well in below freezing temperatures. HDPE heat compatibility varies. Generally, it should not be used with products filled at over 145°F.

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