BVV Butterfly Valve - 316 Stainless - VITON Seals

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Butterfly Valve - 316 Stainless Steel - VITON Seals

Butterfly Valve - 316 Stainless Steel  VITON Seals is a valve that isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid. The closing mechanism is a disk that rotates


Tri-Clamp / Tri Clover Sanitary butterfly valve

4 positions pull handle

Stainless steel 316

Viton seal

Meets 3 A Standard

Operating Temperature: 15º F to 200º F


Gasket Properties VITON
Heat resistant Excellent (400°F)
Cold resistant Good-Excellent (-30°F)
Steam Excellent
Abrasion-resistant Good
Alkali Poor-Good
Acid resistance Good
Vegetable oil Excellent
Petroleum oil Excellent
Oxonia Excellent

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