BVV Ashless Filter Papers - 110MM - Quantitative

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Ashless Filter Papers - 110MM - Quantitative

Ashless quantitative and qualitative provide laboratory grade filtration for extraction systems and are specifically used in combination with a Buchner funnel to remove fats, waxes and any other unwanted contaminants from your solution. These filter papers are used in the pre-processing stage of short path distillation to clean up the material prior to processing.

Key Features:

    • ISO 9001 Approved

    • Manufactured from alpha-cellulose and cotton linters

    • High Purity and low background

    • Consistent performance

    • Low ashless content: <0.007% (Quantitative Filter Paper)

    • Whatman equivalent quality

    • Pre-Cut for ease of use


Classification Quantitative
Sizes Available:
BIO-40 8um - Medium
BIO-41 20-25um - Fast
BIO-42 2.5um - Slow
BIO-44 3um - Slow
Ash Content <0.007%
Quantity per Pack 100
Diameter 110mm (4.33")


Technical Data:

Grade Particle Retention Appearance Speed Ash Content (%) Basis Weight (g/m2) Wet burst (mm H2O)
BIO-1 11um Smooth Medium <0.1 80.0±4.0 >140
BIO-2 8um Smooth Medium <0.1 80.0±4.0 >140
BIO-4 20um Smooth Fast <0.1 80.0±4.0 >120
BIO-5 2.5um Smooth Slow <0.1 80.0±4.0 >180
BIO-6 3um Smooth Slow <0.1 80.0±4.0 >180
BIO-40 8um Smooth Medium <0.007 80.0±4.0 >140
BIO-41 20-25um Smooth Fast <0.007 80.0±4.0 >120
BIO-42 2.5um Smooth Slow <0.007 80.0±4.0 >180
BIO-43 16um Smooth Medium to Fast <0.007 80.0±4.0 >120
BIO-44 3um Smooth Slow <0.007 80.0±4.0 >180

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