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Clear Casting and Coating System

Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast is a clear casting and coating system that cures to a rigid, durable, clear plastic. Use Amazing Clear Cast for coating or finishing applications such as bar tops, floors, taxidermy scenery, lenses, and all sorts of other clear casting or coating applications. Amazing Clear Cast is an easy to use, 1:1 mix ratio system that cures overnight which allows time for air bubbles to evacuate prior to curing. Amazing Clear Cast can be colored with Alumilite dyes, alcoholic inks, or other non-water base colorants.
Complies with FDA CFR 177.2600

Continue to utilize a 1:1 Ratio of the Clear Cast even if the item may appear different as Side A & Side B are determined by weight.
Temperature changes cause volumes to look different between Side A & Side B however this does not change the weight of the item.
The Resin may cure faster when utilizing this product as heat will be produced.
To slow down curing time refrigerate before use.


Shelf Life

ACC has a shelf life of 1 year. Once ACC is opened, this time can be shorter based on moisture contamination from humidity. Amazing Clear Cast B side will naturally yellow over time and when exposure to air. While this can cause a yellow hue to cured coatings, it does not have an effect on the ultimate cure of the product.

*Alumilite warns that this epoxy can begin to yellow as soon as 30-60 days after pouring. So, this epoxy is recommended for use over colorful backgrounds where slight yellowing won’t be noticed. Pouring over a stark white background may show the yellowing of the epoxy more.*



Product Amazing Clear Cast
Color Clear
Mix Ratio 1:1 by **VOLUME**
Pot Life 30-40 mins
Demold Time(100 gr Mass) 24-48 hrs
Mixed Viscosity (cps.) 2600
Specific Gravity 1.08
Shore Hardness (ASTM D-2240) 80 D
Shrinkage (in./in.) .003
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638)(psi) 8,000
Elongation (in./in.) 1-3%
Temp Resistance n/a


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