Across International Alumina Ceramic Thermal Tube Blocks for Tubes OD 40mm to 120mm

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A pair of high quality alumina ceramic (Al2O3) thermal blocks for high temperature tube furnaces. These refractory blocks must be placed in front of vacuum sealing flanges to minimize heat damage to the silicon sealing gasket.

Tube Size
Thermal Block Size
40mm OD tubes  OD: 30.2mm, L:84mm
50mm OD tubes  OD: 35.1mm, L:83.8mm
60mm OD tubes  OD: 44.3mm, L:86mm
80mm OD tubes  OD: 64.8mm, L:80.7mm
100mm OD tubes  OD: 85.7mm, L:80.3mm
120mm OD tubes  OD: 104.6mm, L:80.7mm
150mm OD tubes  OD: 134.5mm, L:80.9mm
250mm OD tubes  OD: 236.2mm, L:80.7mm

Tolerance Range: 2-3mm

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