AFS 2.5" Disposable Color Remediation Cartridge

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AFS Disposable Color Remediation Cartridge


AFS Filters are the first and only disposable color remediation filter cartridges for the botanical extraction industry.  Our Patent Pending design allows for an easy to use solution implemented into existing extraction systems and is now available as a standard integration from many equipment manufacturers.

AFS Filters are a simple solution that allows for the use of prepackaged filters, which are available in different recipes depending on the application.  With the integrated 2.5µm paper filter molded and sealed into the cup, there is no media leak through.  Pre-packed means there's no need to be an expert in remediation filter media and how to construct filters; as well as eliminates the messy process of building/packing filters yourself.  Disposable offers no need for cleaning the filter housings afterward and trying to un-clog stainless filter screens. Less R&D investment, less mess, and less downtime allows for higher throughput and more profit. 

These come in light, medium, and heavy filtration. Learn more about each:

  • Light Filtration is the trimmed down version of the standard Medium filter.  These are best suited for extractions using fresh high-end input materials that only needs a light cleaning.
  • Medium Filtration is our standard go-to filter.  This is the most commonly used and sold filter AFS offers..  It's great for general filtration and lightening of extracted products.
  • Heavy Filtration is packed with the highest amount of active extraction media.  These filters are best suited for exceptionally dark extractions or for extractions with normal input materials where the desired outcome is closer to clear.  Heavy filters offer the highest level of filtration.


Technical Specifications:

  • Life Span: 1 Time use, 5-7 lbs. of dry material.
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C-70°C
  • Top Seal: Induction Sealed (No glue is used)
  • Filter: Cellulose Paper
  • Pressure Rating: Recommended 60psi, Paper will hold 80-90 psi Max.
  • Media: Proprietary licensed recipe.
  • Shell Material: Polypropylene Excellent compatibility and Safe for chemicals in our industry (Butane, Propane, Ethanol).
  • Pressure Method: Nitrogen Assist, unless you open blast CRC. Then you can assist with an air compressor.


*Please recycle your spent Cartridges.

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