Across International Welch 1402B/C-46 Refrigeration DuoSeal 5.6 CFM (158 L/Min) Belt Driven Dual Stage Pump

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Welch HVAC Vacuum Pumps are used to remove gas, vapors, and other contaminants from refrigeration systems after refrigerant recovery and repair of cooling systems. To ensure the Air Conditioning system is free from contaminants before recharging it with refrigerant, one must maintain a deep and complete vacuum. Our industrial duty HVAC pumps are engineered to deliver deep vacuum for fast evacuation and dehydration. They can pump down quickly reaching 40 microns in hours; not days or weeks like you might experience with a light duty pump.

Welch refrigeration and vacuum pump for HVAC come in two pump styles. DuoSeal® belt-drive vacuum pumps are proven performers with low RPMs and a long service life. Our CRVpro direct-driven vacuum pumps are portable and powerful.

DuoSeal rotary vane vacuum pumps are proven performers with low pump RPM to ensure long service life with durable precision machined steel rotor, cast iron intake, exhaust ring and metal vanes. DuoSeal models are used on the most demanding service applications such as purge pump on absorption chillers and Industrial/commercial chillers. Welch DuoSeal pumps are fitted with components designed to withstand refrigerant contact. Models 1402B-46 and 1397B-46 include integrated handles.


Two-Stage Belt Drive Pump: Refrigeration Duty



•Refrigeration service pump with 3/4" ID flare fitting

•Legendary longevity and exceptional durability

•Low pump rpm, cool running, longer service life

•Large oil reservoir dilutes contaminants

•High oil feed port draws cleanest oil

•Suitable for toughest applications

•Low maintenance

•Available in 115V/60Hz

•Free air displacement @60Hz: 5.6 cfm (160 L/min)

•Ultimate pressure: 1x10-4 Torr (1.3x10-4 mbar)




Ultimate Pressure 1x10⁻⁴
Exhaust / Intake threads 1-20
Motor Power, HP (kW) at 60 Hz 1/2 (0.37)
Motor Speed, RPM, @60Hz 525
Oil Capacity, L 2.1
Tubing Needed

Dimensions, LxWxH, in (mm)

Free Air Displacement
5.6 (158)








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