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Introducing the Spin Tech STP-1500 Centrifuge. This new system from Purge Technologies allows for quick degassing of LPG's in plant extract while maintaining all of your extracted terpenes in your product. This unit will clean 1.4L of plant extract to non-detect in about 10-20 minutes. The Spin Tech STP-1500 does not use heat to remove LPG volatiles either. This means no excesses loss of terpenes into your pump, and into your lab atmosphere. What you work hard to extract stays inside your product! Our clients will see an immediate market advantage in product taste and smell. This revolutionary machine was designed by extractors for extractors and comes standard with a dry scroll pump built inside of the Spin Tech STP-1500 to maintain vacuum inside the unit. This scroll pump has a built-in FNPT exhaust port which can be used to exhaust LPG's into a safe environment. In addition, the unit comes with stainless steel inserts and caps allowing our clients to use the machine with confidence and ease when making/labeling batches with high oil content! 

Multi-Use Functionality

Flower + Oil Infusion

Spin Tech has the most even homogenization available in the plant material industry. Bringing game changing consistency to infused products (Prerolls, moonrocks, etc)

Distillate Homoginization

Easily mix terpenes and distillate at the push of button. Without added heat, or knowledge of complicated operating procedures.

Whip Like A Pro

Create a "badder" product in minutes with a machine that mixes your end product to the desired consistency in minutes. Retain all of your terpenes for a more flavorful product. In minutes, completely homogenize your product with a smooth consistency and apperence.


Purge 1.4L of product of remaining VOC's down to non-detect testing levels without the use of a vacuum oven. Our clients see a market advantage with much higher oil preservation. The Spin Tech STP-1500 replaces an entire wall of vacuum ovens with just one machine.

Remove LPG's in plant extract while maintaining all of your extracted terpenes in your product. The STP-1500 is a much more efficient degassing process than a vacuum oven and increases your product throughput significantly.


Lead Time up to 6-8 Weeks, please contact Across International for the soonest availability and a quote.






Freindly Farms

Revolutionary purging technology. With the Spin Tech, we are now miles ahead of the competition.


Game changing piece of equipment. We are going to change our approach to a lot of products.

Arturo Ledesma

I never believed we could purge oil in 10 minutes. Massive upgrade from a vacuum oven.

Model STP1500
Product name Purge Technologies Spin Tech STP-1500
Continuous running time 30mins
Max. degassing capacity 1400ml, (2) 700g Cups 
Memory storage 20 sets programs
Degassing program 5 different degassing speed & time
Vacuum testing method High precision vacuum sensor
Vacuum pump capacity 21m3/h
Vacuum degree 0.5±0.5kpa
Revolution speed 200-2500rpm
Rotation speed 200-2500rpm,Fixed rotation speed ratio
Power supply AC110V,50Hz/60Hz,1.5KW
Working environment 10-35°C, 35-80%RH
Weight 451lbs
Safety function Lock sensor, Vibration sensor ,Emergency button

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