Across International Radwag DJ-05 Antistatic Ionizer

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Radwag DJ-05 Antistatic Ionizer

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Compatible with 

Microbalance for Pipette Calibration MYA 5Y.P
Microbalance for Filters MYA 5Y.F
UYA 5Y Ultra-Microbalance
MYA 5Y Microbalance
Ultra-Microbalance for Filters UYA 5Y.F


Device Dimensions

Model  DJ-05 Antistatic Ionizer
Power supply 100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature 0 ÷ +40 °C
Relative humidity 5% ÷ 80%
Distance form a sample Ok. 5 ÷ 50 mm
Ion source stainless steel
Frame dimensions 175×70×172 mm
Packaging dimensions 375×375×130 mm
Net weight 1.3 kg
Gross weight 2.5 kg

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