Across International Ai PTFE Spray Ball Lance for Glass Reactors

Power Lab Supply 2SKU: R.LancePTFE.4040.10-200
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Half Inch Hose Barb Option: Please Select
Spray Ball Nozzle Option: Please Select
Sale price$147.00 USD

This part is a spray ball lance, that will sit in a 40/40 joint for the Across International glass reactor. It extends into the reactor, and on its end a cleaning nozzle can be attached for reactor clean in place procedures. It is recommended to use R.PVDF.Nozzle.10-200.


Please note that this price does not include the nozzle. In order to use for CIP procedures, the nozzle must be ordered separately. Please use R.PVDF.Nozzle.10-200 for complete washing solution and half inch npt and half inch hose barb.


The complete kit will consist of: 

1. R.PVDF.Nozzle.10-200

2. R.LancePTFE.4040.10-200

3. R.PVDF0.5BarbNPT.10-200








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