Across International 316L Spray Ball Lance with Option for Full Spray Ball Kit

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Cleaning lance and spray ball that mounts to the lid of the Across International stainless steel reactor. The cleaning lance extends into the reactor and attaches to a spray ball nozzle which disperses cleaning fluid 360 degrees around the reactor’s interior. The spray ball and cleaning lance configuration must be used with the Wide bore lid and wide bore gaskets. 


The part number for the full kit to connect the CIP spray ball cleaning system to the 100-300L stainless steel reactor is SR.SprayBallKit.50-300 and it consists of the following parts:

1. SR.316SSTNozzle.50-300 (cleaning nozzle part number)

  1. SR.Lance316.50-300 (lance to connect reactor to nozzle part number)
  2. SR.LidWideBorePorts.100-300 (wide bore lid part number)
  3. Tri-15-clamp (connecting clamp part number)
  4. Tri-15-ring-viton-widebore (correct gasket part number)


Spray ball Lance with Nozzle

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