So-Low 8ºC above ambient to 60ºC, 6 cu. ft., water jacketed, 115v

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Temperature Range: 8°C above ambient to 60°
Capacity: 6.0 Cubic ft. / 166 Liters
Exterior w x d x h (inches): 26" x 26.3" x 40.3"
Exterior w x d x h (cm): 66 x 66 x 102
Interior w x d x h (inches): 20.3 x 19.8 x 25.3”
Interior w x d x h (cm): 51 x 50 x 64
Product Specifications
Model SCO6WE was designed and manufactured to accommodate tight budgets, while maintaining the fundamental needs of quality and precision. These units have PID microprocessor controllers, a heated outer door and a tempered-glass inner door. They provide exceptional temperature uniformity, while minimizing cold spots that lead to condensation and ultimately, contamination. Although they do not have a humidity display, the extremely stable temperature environment maintains constant humidity through evaporation at 95%. Double wall construction reduces this unit's footprint, so they fit in tight spaces as well as tight budgets.The audible/visual alarms for temperature and CO2 respond to out-of-tolerance conditions. They offer an independent over temperature safety control to protect samples from overheating, and an optional CO2 tank switch/alarm to prevent prematurely exhausting the gas supply.

Temperature Uniformity
Electrical Specifications

CO2 Range
CO2 Sensor
CO2 Rate
Jacket Type
Relative Humidity Range
Access Port

310 lbs
+/-0.35°C at 37°C
Volts: 120V Hertz: 50/60Hz Watts: 550W Amps:5A
< 5 minutes
80% to 95%
3 Supplied (16 Maximum)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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